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Domino’s Pizza Incredible Meals

I was invited by to Domino’s Pizza’s launch of their new Incredible Meals menu ranging from $20 to $100. Miss Linda Hassan, Domino’s Marketing Manager started the session with their new menus and highlighted Domino’s 4 key unique selling prepositions (USPs).

  1. 30 minute delivery guarantee; 15-minute takeout guarantee
  2. Product satisfaction guarantee
  3. Free delivery
  4. Nett pricing

Domino’s Pizza is so confident of their USPs that they will offer you a voucher if they do not meet the 30 minute delivery or 15 minute takeout timing.

With their cash-back no question asked if you feel that their pizza is not up to par as promised and nett pricing (no GST), Domino’s Pizza is definitely the place I would think of for my next Pizza take-out or delivery.

Miss Linda Hassan continued with a walk-thru of Domino’s Pizza online order portal. Ordering online takes just 4 quick steps if you already have an account.

  1. Select your pizza size
  2. Select your pizza crust
  3. Select the sauce you want
  4. Selecty your pizza

Domino’s Pizza is also the first Pizza restaurant to introduce a GPS (Great Pizza Service) tracker so you can track what stage your pizza is at when you order online.

Besides the many varieties of pizza, Domino’s also offers 11 different types of side orders. With so many types of pizzas and sides, we were spoilt for choice and had a great time testing and tasting the many pizzas and sides.

Of special mention is Domino’s Pizza Chocolate Lava Cake at $6.80. At such a low price you get a moist chocolate lava oozing dessert cake. They are currently offering this at a 50% discount if you order online.

Kudos to and Domino’s Pizza who hosted a bunch of nosy bloggers to such a great presentation and pizza feast.

The next time you feels the hunger pangs, either head on down to the nearest Domino’s Pizza, call Domino’s at 6222-6333 or log on to their website at to place your orders.

One caveat though; Domino’s does really have to update their database on their delivery areas. They do not deliver to both my home as well as my workplace which coincidentally have a Domino’s outlet just opposite within view.


Date Night @ Kinki

It was a hectic 3 weeks since the new year but manage to squeeze in a date night with Lynn sans Amber. I abhor to think that our last date night was in Oct 2010 and decided that we should do this more often; at least once a month.

I scoured the internet for the latest mentions in eating place and found Kinki; a Japanese restaurant with manga wall art that looks interesting enough for a date night and made reservations.

Kinki is located at Customs House which houses several eating places like the Oyster Bar, Sabai (Thai), Procacci (Italian) and Nueva Cuba, a favourite after work drinking place of the financial district executives. Kinki itself takes up two levels with the restaurant on the 2nd floor and a bar with DJ console on the roof terrace.

A large fish mural specially created by celebrity tattoo artist Chris Garver of Miami Ink greets you upon stepping into Kinki. Also eye-catching are two manga wall art of a sumo wrestler and a blue astro girl. All these took a back seat though to the magnificent view of the Marina waterfront with Marina Bay Sands as the backdrop.

Kinki serves traditional Japanese sashimis and sushis but their specialty is in their fusion makis and temakis. There is a hot section featuring items like the Pomegranate Miso Black Cod, Grilled Giant Prawns, Kurobuta Katsu, noodles and dons. Kinki also has an excellent drinks menu of champagne cocktails, vodka, sake martinis, and other sake-influenced cocktails.

Lynn and I tried some traditional sushis, a dragon maki, minced kurobuta katsu with apple curry sauce and seasonal vegetables as well as Kinki special seafood okonomiyaki. Being a traditional sushi type of guy, the traditional sushi here was below my expectations but the rest of the fusion food was excellent.

Although Kinki is not a place for serious Japanese food, I would recommend this place if you are looking for a night out with friends in a fun and party atmosphere, good cocktails and decent food for sharing.

More photos:

Kinki Restaurant + Bar
70 Collyer Quay
#02-02 Customs House
Singapore 049323
Tel: +65 6533 3471

Birthday Dinner

Simple food is comfort food. I had a meal of pork chops at Hougang 105 Hainanese Village Centre for my dinner. 2 slices of pork chops with crinkled cut thick fries and a side of coleslaw or baked beans. A bun was provided together with butter and everything was washed down with good ‘ole’ Sinalco.

For my birthday, I learnt it does not take much to make me a happy man. Birthdays need not be celebrated with friends partying; a simple sit down dinner with family and friends will do just fine.

Lucky for me, my birthday is followed by a public holiday and 2 days of weekends so there is still time for another good meal with Lynn; another date night perhaps.

Pork Chop Burger (Bun) - Everything just taste better with butter

Shout out to Linee, Thiam Yong and Anthony Butler who share the same birthday as me.

Truffs – The Chocolate Atelier

Indrawati at Truffs

*atelier – a studio especially for an artist or designer

Atelier is definitely is a good description of Truffs. A modernistic yet cosy kitchen greets you when you step into Truffs where the owners are going about creating their luscious truffles or chocolate cake. On the right hangs a large wicker ball lamp.

I first heard about Truffs on Camemberu and told myself I just had to try one of these. Fortunately for me, I was having tea at Red Star nearby and decided to pop by to get a box of Truffles for Lynn.

Indrawati was alone in the atelier and curiosity pipped my interest. I asked Indrawati the difference between 66% truffles and 70% truffles, a mere 4%. She smiled and brought out a container of the different types of truffles for me to try. Mind you the samples are not tiny cut pieces but actual size truffles. I tasted them and decided Lynn would love the sweeter 55% truffles.

A box of 9 truffles is priced at S$24 while 2 boxes would set you back at S$43. Each truffles is hand-made with rich choclate ganache orb envelope in a cocoa-dusted thin chocolate shell. Pop one of these truffles in your mouth and I assure you will go ‘Mmmmmm….’ with the choclate ganache slowly melting at the back of your tongue and slipping down your throat.

179a Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068627
Tel: +65 9088-2736
Open Mon – Fri : 12pm – 7pm
Sat : 12pm – 4pm
Closed on Sundays
and Public Holidays