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The Last Train

Lynn, Amber and I took a day trip to Segamat, Malaysia on 30th June 2011 so that we could take the last train into Tanjong Pagar on our return trip. I had planned for this trip a few weeks back after coming to this page in Facebook.

Besides this train ride, my only other time on a train was in 2006 during my trip to Laos. As I was sitting at the door-way (picture above) watching the scenery goes by, my passion for train journey was renewed and told myself I could do this more often. Doing this means going to a train station and get tickets to nowhere in particular like what we were doing today. I have almost no idea what we were going to do in Segamat nor any knowledge of what we could do in Segamat besides that friends tell me durians.

The other things that occurred surprising to me is that besides my family and extended family who were taking this journey with me, there seems to be no regular people around us. I mean I work as a civil servant, Lynn is a IT, my ‘in-laws’ (yes we were traveling together) are office desk-jobs and in retail sales, all very regular. Here is a summary of the people I met in our carriage:

  1. Philip (tbc) of keropokman
    – a well-known blogger in Singapore
  2. Melissa of Youth Against Climate Change
    – representing Singapore Youth on Climate Change
  3. Caroline of
    – a Central St Martins student specializing in graphic design
  4. Jun Yin of
    – a Bachelor of Law grad with excellent photography skills
  5. Shawn of Roads Less Traveled – China
    – travel editor at Lonely Planet
  6. Ren of
    – theatre actor, playright and animated street star

These are but a few of the people I met on the train and the others are no less superstars in their own right. Where are all the regular people?

More photos on my Flickr page: