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Shingz and Boomz

From the girl who brought us the word Boomz, comes another video interview. I must say her English has improved leaps.

Pupsik Studio Baby Products

I saw these on Claudia the Panda and immediately went about Pupsik Studio to order some of their baby products for Amber.

Seen above are their baby pillow, bolsters and a beansprout pillow on a taggies blanket. The second photo is of a teething bling pendant.

I do recommend their fast and attentive service. Su Ling the lady owner dropped me a mail and managed to coordinate my purchases with matching designs as I could not do so on their website.

A Million Bucks

As an amateur photographer, I enjoy reading photography related comic strips and What the Duck is one of my favorites.


Well at least you can credit Ris Low for popularising the word ‘BOOMZ’.

The kind folks at TYLER – Battle Stations, a game I play in Facebook, have gotten in the craze that is Ris Low. Join me to explore the steam punk fantasy world of Battle Stations. I enjoyed the game enough to create a fan-site at

Or you can view Ris Low’s infamous interview below.

Destination, Chin

Hello friends, I am Chin and I am a WordPress. If you have follow me here from my old blog at Thank you.

Writing a blog by html coding is too much work for me. If you cannot beat them, join them. I decided to take the plunge and switched when a lovely friend moved to WordPress. Thank you Faith and I even copied your theme. She had also introduced me to Youtube years ago.

I have actually been posting here for a while so this is not new to me. So friends, update your Bookmarks/Favourites and feeds at the same time.


Happy Deepavali

A day of visiting during the Deepavali or Diwali festival. Chelvi’s place for lunch and Shankeri’s for dinner.

I almost forgot. Happy Deepavali (Diwali).