Hello Blog

It has been a long time the last time I blog. With Facebook and Twitter, traditional blogs is on the wane. Amber (my daughter) has also taken a large part of my time and with work, there has been getting less and less time for a proper blog post. I just finished reading Sunday papers.

Changes aplenty. I am getting fatter with almost no exercise and it has taken a toll on my favourite activity; photography. This week alone, I vow to wake up at 5.30am every morning to walk but till today I have not walk at all. I hope tomorrow would be a better day. I have made a pact to pay Lynn and my mom-in-law $2 for each weekdays I do not walk and in return they will pay me $2 for each day I do. So far, I am $16 in arrears.

Though my days seems to be caught up, I do try to make an effort to meet up with friends whenever I received an invite. 24seven new office opening and TYLER BBQ. I go because I want to keep some sanity of my life. I even found some time to join in some events like the 1st anniversary of Woods in the Book, a little shop that specialises  in picture books for both children and adults

I do not want to make this all about me. I am glad for my daughter, who has in no small way make me happy whenever I see her. I am glad that I am here to watch her grow up. People always say that one’s child is an extension of the parents. Its true. I wish we could be good role models for her in her growing years. I don’t profess to be perfect; just good old fashion values tempered with freedom of choice.

Till next time.

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