Hat-py Party

Overdue post on the Hat-py Party I attended organised by my friend Claudia and her team at 24seven, a social media agency that helps market your events, products and services through the online media.

The event was held at the Singapore Art Museum and as the title suggested, the theme was crazy hats. Guests were informed to wear a crazy hat to the party (no invisible hat and no caps). I was ‘huh’ at first as I did not own any hat. I went about getting a hat (S$7) and thought about how to decorate it DIY. I sew three pooh bears onto the hat and the results can be seen above.

A sumptuous buffet spread started the evening followed by games and performances by Black Diamond Ninjas and Only After Coffee. One of the game required guests to take a photo of their favourite art piece at the museum and email the organiser with prose to describe their choice.

At any other event, this would prove a difficult task but not at the Hat-py Party as almost every guest is an avid blogger armed with camera phones. They went about doing the task with nonchalance and some even with glee. Prize-giving ended the evening. I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I acquaint myself with some of the bloggers there.


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