Live Music


Facebook has been used to accomplish a lot of things including organizing global protests, running political campaigns, and even hunt down criminals. On Friday, the first “crowd-sourced” movie to be developed, “Live Music”, will be released. The movie, was developed by connecting artists from around the world on Facebook via the Mass Animation Facebook page.

The movie was developed by a whopping 58,000+ participants from 101 countries who provided input and 51 animators who collaborated to develop the film. While not all of the 58,000 fans of the project provided input, it illustrates how Facebook can be used to connect individuals from around the world to accomplish just about anything. For those that aren’t aware of the story line for “Live Music”, it’s a love story about a guitar and a violin.

If you are interested in learning more about the movie, check out the Mass Animation Facebook page and watch the videos below. Also, for those of you interested in participating in future Mass Animation projects, yesterday a new contest application launched which will give DC Comics fans, gamers and animators a chance to animate heroes and villains from the DC Universe Online game and to collaborate in creating a CGI tailer an in-game character animations. Learn more via the Mass Animation Facebook Page and the Mass Animation application.


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